story I’ve been working on

Hey guys, sorry it’s been so long since I last posted anything on my blog, I’ve busy juggling my schoolwork, midterms, and social life. I’ve been working on a short story (they come and go) but this one I can really feel connects to my life and myself which defiantly draws me in to wanting to write although I dont exactly know how to write this story. First things first, I want the story to be called Sacrifice, which will make more sense later. This story is about a sixteen year old boy named Kai, I feel like using sixteen year olds as the protagonist is overused in young adult novels, but I can relate to that age so I stuck with it. Moving on, it takes place in a city made of 3 social classes, lower (poor) middle-class, and upper-class seperated by rings of the city. Isolating the rings from contact with each other, where a child is born is where he will live for his whole life. This boy Kai, orphaned, living with his extended family and endeared by his cousins and siblings, enrolls himself in a life-threatening academy which trains soldiers and this grants the victorious cadets who pass, their families can live with them in the upper-ring with the wealthy. This academy was created to enroll new soldiers that will be a force to stop the uprisings in the lower-rings. Kai, decides to enroll and faces various challenges with this academy. In the exams leading to graduation these exams may lead to the certain death of the students. Kai struggles to even come close to decently skilled, Kai proves himself by being clever however. As Kai progresses through the academy more of the cadets drop out or die, as this occurs the rebellions in the lower-ring become more severe and the cadets have to quickly learn and graduate before the entire city erupts into chaos. These examinations I can’t think of what I could do with them, I need to create how to make engaging exams that are logical with the story that also challenge the cadets in soldier like exams that are extremely dangerous and could lead to death. Also, I’m still trying to create minor problems and smaller plots as Kai is in the academy because if I don’t have sub-plots it wont be as engaging. If you guys could help with my lack of ideas, it would be greatly appreciated, and tell me what you think, thanks!

–  Trevor


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