Books and insurgent

Hey guys, It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged frequently but I’ll try to blog more now that I got a new laptop, my other laptop broke, bummer. Anyway, I’m reading two things right now, Oedipus the king which I’m reading for English class, which is an ancient Greek play. Oedipus is actually a very interesting story with lots of engaging and consistent central ideas that are fairly easy to understand. If you haven’t read this script I would recommend it, its only about 100 pages and can be read fairly quickly. In one of my posts I mentioned that I picked up two new books, one of these books is Legend by Marie Lu, which is similar to the story I’m writing, if you don’t know about my recent story read my last post. I’m about 100 pages in and I’m loving it, if you liked Divergent or The hunger games swoop over to the library or bookstore because this dystopian young adult novel is a hell of a ride and I really hope it gets turned into a movie. Speaking of movies, Insurgent, I loved Insurgent and it’s one of my favorite books, I’m not overly excited for this movie for whatever reason, which is strange because I am obsessed with Divergent the movie, its my favorite movie. I guess I’m just disappointed that the directors were changed and I’m just afraid they wont do as good as they did with Divergent. I thought this with the transfer to Hunger games to Catching fire, which paid off in the end though because Catching fire was fantastic. So hopefully Insurgent will exceed my expectations. I’ll be reviewing insurgent after I see it in theaters. I’ll keep you guys updated.



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