Mockingjay review

Hey guys, sorry this post is so late, had some issues with my laptop. Anyways, Mockingjay was a pretty spot on movie, the movie really didn’t leave anything out except the prep team wasn’t rescued from the capitol. Effie was a one woman prep team, go Effie! Also, I’m so glad the scenes with the white roses from President Snow were kept since they were so important. Lawrence’s acting perfectly portrayed Katniss realizing her role is much larger than a symbol, she is a leader. The movie moved me, there were multiple opportunities where the audience became emotional. The acting was spectacular. My favorite scene was during the air raid, when Katniss was screaming for Prim on the stairs, water from broken pipes destroyed by bombs pouring down on Katniss whilst district 13 was being rocked with bombs and sirens. That scene once again reveals Katniss’s desperation to protect Prim at all costs. I give credit to the director for over emphasizing the action in Mockingjay to keep the audience satisfied. The extra scenes of the districts rebelling against the capitol also emphasizes the rebellion, giving more diverse perspective. Also the extra scenes with President snow watching Katniss also give more a diverse perspective as well as showing the mission to rescue Peeta gives so much more than the book, which is just shown from Katniss’s perspective. Mockingjay wasn’t amazing but I don’t have much negative feedback. The movie seemed dull at times considering Mockingjay had the least action and the plot seemed to hit somewhat of a dead end. I still think that a propo for all the dead tributes should have been added in like in the book however. I would rate this movie 4.5 stars out of 5. Can’t wait for Mockingjay part 2!


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